Difficult Airway Algorithm



the literature suggests that the use of specific strategies facilitate the intubation of the difficult airway


although the degree of benefit for any specific strategy cannot be determined from the literature, there is strong agreement among consultants that a preplanned strategy may lead to improved outcome


preplanned strategies can be linked together to form airway management algorithms


the Task Force considers the technical and physiologic complexity of life-threatening airway events to be sufficiently similar to life-threatening cardiac events to encourage the use of algorithms in difficult airway management




The anesthesiologist should have a preformulated strategy for intubation of the difficult airway.


The algorithm is a strategy recommended by the Task Force (ASA).


This strategy will depend in part upon the anticipated surgery, the condition of the patient,

     and the skills and preferences of the anesthesiologist.


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Practice Guidelines for Management of the Difficult Airway
An Updated Report by the American Society of Anesthesiologists Task Force

on Management of the Difficult Airway




Difficult Airway Society Guidelines


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